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译科技 | 福布斯公布全美AI50公司名单

AI 50: America’s Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Companies


  Artificial intelligence is infiltrating every industry, allowing vehicles to navigate without drivers, assisting doctors with medical diagnoses, and mimicking the way humans speak. But for all the authentic and exciting ways it’s transforming the tasks computers can perform, there’s a lot of hype, too.


  As Jeremy Achin, CEO of newly minted unicorn DataRobot, puts it: “Everyone knows you have to have machine learning in your story or you’re not sexy.”


——Jeremy Achin(新晋独角兽公司DataRobot首席执行官)

  The inherently broad term gets bandied about so often that it can start to feel meaningless and gets trotted out by companies to gussy up even simple data analysis. To help cut through the noise, Forbes and data partner Meritech Capital put together a list of private, U.S.-based companies that are wielding some subset of artificial intelligence in a meaningful way and demonstrating real business potential from doing so. One makes robots that can whir around shoppers to help workers restock shelves. Another scans recruiting pitches for unconscious bias. A third analyzes massive data sets to make street-by-street weather predictions.

  AI这个本身就很宽泛的术语被频繁提及,以至于它开始丧失意义,甚至连它基本的欧洲盘分析能力都被一众公司拿来当作噱头。为了防止过度炒作,《福布斯》和欧洲盘合作伙伴方Meritech Capital整理了一份美国私营AI企业名单以正视听,这些公司正以一种有意义的方式运用人工智能的部分功能,以展示其真正的商业潜力。例如,其中一家公司制造的机器人可以在购物者周围快速移动,帮助工人补充货架上的货物;另一家公司将AI应用于扫描招聘广告中的无意识偏见;还有一家公司则通过AI分析大量欧洲盘集来对每条街道的天气进行精准预测。

  To be included on the list, companies needed to show that techniques like machine learning (where systems learn from data to improve on tasks), natural language processing (which enables programs to “understand” written or spoken language), or computer vision (which relates to how machines “see”) are a core part of their business model and future success.


  The honorees span categories like human resources, security, insurance, and finance, with healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure startups best represented on the list. While most of the 50 hail from traditional tech centers like Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston, there’s representation from smaller hubs such as Detroit and Austin, too. Cumulatively, the startups are flush with cash–unsurprising, given that startups touting AI received a record $7.4 billion in funding in just the second quarter of 2019, according to CBInsights. Only eight startups were founded or cofounded by women, reflecting trends in venture funding, where software startups run by men have received the lion’s share of investment dollars. That’s a possible cause for concern: Studies have shown that artificial intelligence can compound existing biases in data, which may be more likely to happen if there are fewer women and underrepresented minorities in the room.

  “AI50”的上榜者涵盖了人力资源、安全、保险和金融等领域,其中医疗、交通和基础设施的初创公司表现最好。尽管这50家公司中大多数来自硅谷、纽约和波士顿等传统科技中心,但也有来自底特律和奥斯汀等较小科技中心的代表。CB Insights的欧洲盘显示,这些初创公司累积起来现金充裕——考虑到兜售人工智能的初创公司仅在2019年第二季度就获得了创纪录的74亿美元资金,这也就不足为奇了。这当中,仅8家初创公司是由女性创办或联合创办的,这反映了风险投资的趋势——由男性创办的软件初创公司获得了最大份额的投资。这可能是一个令人担忧的原因:研究表明,人工智能会加剧现有欧洲盘中的偏见,倘若女性人数更少、少数族裔人数更少,那么这种情况更有可能发生。

  The winners below are listed in order of ascending valuation, and in each case we’ve tried to focus on the problem the company is trying to solve instead of the tool solving it. In instances where companies submitted valuation information on the condition of confidentially, Forbes used estimates from data provider Pitchbook.


  AI 50 founders reflect on the biggest misconceptions they hear about artificial intelligence and Meritech Capital principal Konstantine Buhler explains how he evaluates startups.

  在这个过程中,AI 50的创办方仔细考虑了他们听到的关于人工智能的最大误解,Meritech Capital的负责人Konstantine Buhler也解释了他评判初创公司的方式。


  50 | Viz.ai

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Chris Mansi (CEO), David Golan

  Funding: $21 million

  Valuation: Unknown

  Viz.ai aims to reduce the number of stroke victims who don’t receive the right treatment in time. Its software cross-references CT images of a patient’s brain with its database of scans and can alert specialists in minutes to early signs of large vessel occlusion strokes that they may have otherwise missed or taken too long to spot. It sells its suite of products to hospital networks and medical institutions, including Mount Sinai in New York and Swedish Health System in Denver.


  创始人:Chris Mansi(CEO),David Golan




  49 | Deep 6

  Headquarters: Pasadena, CA

  Founder: Wout Brusselaers

  Funding: $22 million

  Valuation: Unknown

  When pharmaceutical research teams embark on a new clinical trial, one of the biggest bottlenecks can be finding the right cohort of patients to work with. That’s where Deep 6 comes in. CEO Wout Brusselaers says the company’s software can pull data from electronic medical records to create patient graphs that allow researchers to filter for specific conditions and traits, leading to matches in “minutes, instead of months.” The system’s language understanding engine has been trained so that it can infer some conditions even if they’re not explicitly mentioned in notes, and Deep 6 says it has more than 20 health system or pharmaceutical customers.


  创始人:Wout Brusselaers



  当制药研究团队开始一项新的临床试验时,最大的瓶颈之一就是如何找到合适的患者群。这就是Deep 6的用武之地,他们的首席执行官Wout Brusselaers表示,该公司的软件可以从电子医学记录中提取欧洲盘,创建患者图表让研究人员过滤特定的病情和病征,从而在“几分钟内,而非几个月内”找到相匹配的患者。该系统的语言理解引擎已经通过训练,因此即使在备注中没有明确提到相应的病情和病征,它也可以自己推断出部分情况。Deep 6公司表示,他们已有20多个医疗系统和制药方的客户。

  48 | Lilt

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Spence Green, John DeNero

  Funding: $12.5 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $29.5 million, via Pitchbook

  Lilt makes human translators better at their job. Cofounder John DeNero spent several years as a senior research scientist for Google Translate, learning the strengths and limitations of autonomous translation. Instead of relying solely on machines, Lilt can churn out better translations, faster, for the likes of HBC and Zendesk by equipping freelancers with machine translations and predictive typing tools.


  创始人:Spence Green,John DeNero

  资金:1250万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:2950万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Lilt让人工翻译员的工作渐入佳境。联合创始人John DeNero是资深的谷歌翻译研究科学家,已经在该领域工作了几年,致力于自主翻译的优势和局限性。比起依赖于翻译机器,Lilt可以通过为自由职业者配备机器翻译和预测性打字工具,向HBC和Zendesk等公司提供更好、更快的翻译服务。

  47 | Armorblox

  Headquarters: Cupertino, CA

  Founders: DJ Sampath (CEO), Arjun Sambamoorthy, Chetan Anand, Anand Raghavan

  Funding: $16.5 million

  Valuation: $37 million, via Pitchbook

  CEO and cofounder Dhananjay Sampath launched Armorblox into the saturated cybersecurity market two years ago with the aim of protecting customers from socially engineered attacks, like phishing emails, that take advantage of human missteps. Sampath hopes it will stand out from the competition by using natural language processing, which allows machines to learn and understand language. Its software analyzes a customer’s communication styles to get a sense context and then automatically flags possible phishing attempts, insider threats or accidental data disclosures.


  创始人:DJ Sampath (CEO), Arjun Sambamoorthy,Chetan Anand,Anand Raghavan


  估值:3700万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  两年前,Armorblox的首席执行官兼联合创始人Dhananjay Sampath将Armorblox引入了已经饱和的网络安全市场,目的是保护客户免受网络钓鱼邮件等利用人为失误进行的社会工程攻击。Sampath希望通过使用自然语言处理,让机器学习和理解语言,从竞争中脱颖而出。该公司的软件会分析客户的通信风格,以获得感知上下文的功能,然后自动标记潜在的钓鱼企图、内部威胁或意外欧洲盘泄露。

  46 | DefinedCrowd

  Headquarters: Seattle

  Founders: Daniela Braga

  Funding: $13.1 million

  Valuation: $38.8 million, via Pitchbook

  DefinedCrowd taps human contributors to build bespoke datasets for a client list that includes Mastercard and BMW. The startup recruits freelancers through a platform called Neevo and assigns them tasks like labeling images or recording audio, hastening their work with machine learning-powered automation where possible. All the data created or checked by people gets compiled into a format that customers can use to train their own algorithms. DefinedCrowd is currently in the process of raising a big Series B round of funding it expects to complete by the end of the year.


  创始人:Daniela Braga


  估值:3880万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)


  45 | May Mobility

  Headquarters: Ann Arbor, MI

  Founders: Edwin Olson (CEO), Alisyn Malek, Steve Vozar

  Funding: $33 million

  Valuation: $61.9 million, via Pitchbook

  May Mobility is taking on the self-driving challenge with form factor that’s more predictable than cars: autonomous shuttles. The company’s software has powered shuttle services in Providence, Rhode Island, and Columbus, Ohio, where passengers get scenic tours of the city.


  创始人:Edwin Olson (CEO), Alisyn Malek,Steve Vozar


  估值:6190万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  May Mobility正在挑战自动驾驶汽车,其产品外形因素比汽车更容易预测:自动驾驶巴士。该公司的软件为罗得岛州普罗维登斯市和俄亥俄州哥伦布市的穿梭巴士服务提供了动力,乘客可以乘车在这些地方游览市景。

  44 | Xnor.ai

  Headquarters: Seattle

  Founders: Ali Farhadi, Mohammad Rastegari (CEO: Jon Gelsey)

  Funding: $14.6 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $62.05 million, via Pitchbook

  While researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Ali Farhadi and Mohammad Rastegari identified a problem: “Most of the time, AI researchers (including ourselves) tend to make better, newer algorithms with more demand for compute, memory and power,” Farhadi says. “However, the real-world use cases tend to move in the opposite direction—demanding solutions with less compute, memory and power.” They set about trying to create a system where complex algorithms could run on simple hardware and spun out of the Allen Institute, which was cofounded by the late Paul Allen of Microsoft, in 2016. Earlier this year, the company hit a technology breakthrough when it managed to run a simple computer vision system on a solar-powered computer chip.


  创始人: Ali Farhadi,Mohammad Rastegari. (CEO: Jon Gelsey)

  资金:1460万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:6205万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  艾伦人工智能研究所(Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)的研究人员Ali Farhadi和Mohammad Rastegari发现了一个问题:“大多数时候,人工智能研究人员(包括我们自己),倾向于造出更好、更新的算法,对计算、内存和功率的要求更高”,Farhadi说。然而,现实世界中的用例却倾向于相反的方向——需要更少计算、内存和能力的解决方案。他们开始尝试创建一个系统,让复杂的算法可以在简单的硬件上运行。今年年初的时候,该公司实现了一项技术突破——在太阳能电脑芯片上运行了一个简单的计算机视觉系统。

  43 | Suki AI

  Headquarters: Redwood City, CA

  Founder: Punit Soni (CEO)

  Funding: $20 million

  Valuation: $65 million

  Suki is built around the idea that administrative tasks are a significant burden for doctors, cutting into their time to focus on patients. To relieve that strain, the startup makes a voice-enabled digital assistant that doctors can use to take notes and fill in electronic records in real time. It has signed on several large health systems and provider groups, including Unified Physician Management and Ascension Health, and says that users average a 76% reduction in time spent completing clinical notes. CEO Punit Soni says that its digital assistant goes “far beyond” voice-to-text software, recognizing context and becoming more personalized the more doctors use it. “Suki was born with a mission to bring joy back to medicine,” he says.


  创始人:Punit Soni (CEO)



  行政管理工作对医生来说是一个沉重的负担,这减少了他们关注病人的时间,由此,Suki应运而生。为了缓解行政管理的压力,这家初创公司开发了一款语音数字助手,医生可以用它做笔记,并实时填写电子记录。据悉,Suki已经与几家大型医疗系统和医疗服务机构签署了协议,其中包括统一医师管理公司(Unified Physician Management)和阿森松医疗集团(Ascension Health)。Suki方表示,用户完成临床记录的时间平均减少了76%,首席执行官Punit Soni说,它的数字助手已经“远远超越”了语音转文本的软件,它能识别上下文,而且医生越用它,它就越个性化。Punit说:“Suki的创造肩负着将快乐带回医学界的使命。”

  42 | Aira

  Headquarters: San Diego

  Founders: Suman Kanuganti, Sujeeth Kanuganti, Watson Yim, Yuja Chang, Larry Bock (CEO: Mike Randall)

  Funding: $35 million

  Valuation: $66 million, via Pitchbook

  Aira helps blind and low-vision people better “see” the world by combining real human beings with an AI-powered agent through its app or custom smart glasses. The company admits that its AI agent, Chloe, is still in its infant stage right now—it can complete simple tasks like reading the instructions on a pill bottle — but it has big ambitions for more robust computer-vision-based navigation. The product is free for sessions under five minutes, and for all sessions in the 25,000+ locations where Aira has partnerships, like JFK Airport and the grocery chain Wegmans.


  创始人:Suman Kanuganti, Sujeeth Kanuganti, Watson Yim, Yuja Chang, Larry Bock. (CEO: Mike Randall)


  估值:6600万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)


  41 | Rulai

  Headquarters: Campbell, CA

  Founders: Marc Vanlerberghe (CEO), Yi Zhang

  Funding: $14.5 million

  Valuation: $80 million

  While chat bots burst onto the scene with a lot of promise (remember how they were going to take over Facebook Messenger?), they never quite reached mainstream adoption, due in part to disenchantment with their limited scope and conversational rigidity. Rulai says its virtual assistants are different. While most bots run into trouble when users switch context or add tasks, cofounder Yi Zhang says that Rulai’s dialog manager models don’t get tripped up. “Virtual assistants need to handle the variation of natural language and the variation of conversation flows,” she says. Rulai has won over the likes of Lyft, Sanofi and Fidelity with its customer support, sales and employee productivity bots.


  创始人:Marc Vanlerberghe (CEO), Yi Zhang



  尽管聊天机器人的出现带来了无尽希望(诸如它们接管了Facebook Messenger),但它们从未被主流接受,部分原因是由于它们的范围有限和对话僵化。Rulai方表示,它的虚拟助手则与众不同,尽管当用户切换上下文或添加任务时,大多数机器人都会遇到麻烦,但联合创始人张奕表示,Rulai的对话管理器模型不会出错,“虚拟助手需要处理自然语言的变化和会话流的变化”,她说。Rulai凭借其客户支持、销售和雇员生产力机器人赢得了来福车(Lyft)、赛诺菲(Sanofi)和富达(Fidelity)等公司的青睐。

  40 | Algorithmia

  Headquarters: Seattle

  Founders: Diego Oppenheimer (CEO), Kenny Daniel

  Funding: $38 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $100 million, via Pitchbook

  Algorithmia cofounder Kenny Daniel used to have a favorite saying: “'The future is already invented; it just happens to be stuck in a research paper somewhere.” He and longtime Microsoft employee Diego Oppenheimer banded together to devise an easier way for data scientists to discover and work with machine learning models. While Algorithmia began as a marketplace for algorithms used primarily by individual developers, it has adapted into a more robust infrastructure service for large enterprises. For example, it says that one financial institution used its platform to bring a new risk model into production.


  创始人:Diego Oppenheimer (CEO), Kenny Daniel

  资金:3800万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:1亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Algorithmia的创始人之一Kenny Daniel曾经说过这样一句话:“未来已经被创造出来了,它只是碰巧卡在某篇研究论文里的某个地方。”他和长期在微软工作的员工Diego Oppenheimer联合设计了一种更简单的方法,让欧洲盘科学家能够发现并使用机器学习模型。虽然Algorithmia最初是一个主要由单个开发人员使用的算法市场,但现在已经适应为大型企业提供更强健的基础设施服务。该公司表示,例如,一家金融机构利用其平台将一种新的风险模型投入生产。

  39 | Ubiquity6

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Anjney Midha (CEO), Ankit Kumar

  Funding: $37 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $102 million, via Pitchbook

  Founded by former Kleiner Perkins partner Anjney Midha and deep learning researcher Ankit Kumar, Ubiquity6 makes a smartphone app for multi-person augmented reality experiences. The app can build a 3D map of a space in roughly 30 seconds and uses computer vision to recognize real-world objects, so that objects created in AR can interact with them like they would in the real world. For example, in August 2018 it previewed a game at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that let guests create René Magritte-themed objects with which other users could interact.


  创始人: Anjney Midha (CEO),Ankit Kumar

  资金:3700万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:1.02亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  该公司由Kleiner Perkins的前合伙人Anjney Midha和深度学习研究员Ankit Kumar创立,Ubiquity6为多人增强现实体验开发了一款智能手机应用,该应用程序可以在大约30秒内构建一个3D空间地图,并使用计算机视觉来识别现实世界物体,因此人们可以同AR中创建的对象进行现实般的交互。例如,2018年8月,该公司在旧金山现代艺术博物馆预展了一款游戏,玩家可以在游戏中创建Rene magritte主题的物品,与其他用户进行互动。

  38 | Textio

  Headquarters: Seattle

  Founders: Kieran Snyder (CEO), Jensen Harris

  Funding: $29.5 million

  Valuation: $115 million, via Pitchbook

  Seattle-based HR startup Textio helps companies make their job postings or recruiting emails more effective, suggesting language changes to increase the likelihood of responses. Because its 350 customers, including Spotify, Expedia and Johnson & Johnson, share their anonymized audience demographics as well as response rates, its system can help flag whether certain phrases appeal particularly to people of one gender or background. A tool called Textio Flow, launched in April, can automatically produce whole paragraphs based on users’ notes about what they want to say. CEO Kieran Snyder likens the service to a superpower that helps users say “exactly what they mean, in words they didn’t even know they had.”


  创始人: Kieran Snyder (CEO),Jensen Harris


  估值:1.15亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  位于西雅图的人力资源初创公司Textio致力于帮助众公司们更有效地发布招聘启事或招聘邮件,他们建议改变语言表达以增加回复的可能性。鉴于如Spotify、Expedia和强生(Johnson & Johnson)等在内的350名客户可以共享他们的匿名用户统计欧洲盘和邮件回复率,因此Textio的系统可以帮助判断文字中的某些短语是否适合某一特定性别或背景的人。今年4月,他们推出了的一款名为Textio Flow的工具,它可以根据用户的笔记自动生成完整的段落,Textio的CEO Kieran Snyder将该服务定义为一项“超级功能”,可以帮助用户“以高水平高效率的语言准确表达自己的意思”。

  37 | Affectiva

  Headquarters: Boston

  Founders: Rana el Kaliouby (CEO), Rosalind Picard

  Funding: $53 million

  Valuation: $116 million

  Affectiva is trying to tackle the incredibly hard problem of teaching software to recognize emotions based on facial expressions and voice. “There is no way that heuristic coding or a simple rules-based approach can capture all these complexities and nuance,” says cofounder and CEO Rana el Kaliouby. The company recently raised a fresh round of funding led by automotive company Aptiv with the hope that its technology could one day be integrated into smart cars (imagine a vehicle that could issue a warning to a drowsy-looking driver). In the meantime, it’s also being used to test consumer feedback on ads and TV programming.


  创始人:Rana el Kaliouby (CEO), Rosalind Picard



  Affectiva是一款基于面部表情和声音识别的软件。联合创始人兼首席执行官Ranael Kaliouby表示:“启发式编码或简单的基于规则的方法无法捕捉这当中的复杂性和细微差别。”该公司最近获得了由汽车公司Aptiv牵头的新一轮融资,希望有一天能将其技术集成到智能汽车中(想象一下,一辆汽车可以向一位睡眼惺忪的司机发出警告)。同时,它也被用来测试消费者对广告和电视节目的反馈。

  36 | BigPanda

  Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

  Founders: Assaf Resnick (CEO), Elik Eizenberg

  Funding: $51 million

  Valuation: $135 million, via Pitchbook

  Nothing riles up users like a website or application going down. To streamline and prevent IT catastrophes like this, former Sequoia Capital principle Assaf Resnick joined forces with software developer Elik Eizenberg to launch BigPanda. Resnick is CEO and Eizenberg chief technology officer of the eight-year-old company, which uses AI and machine learning to curtail IT problems in real time before they turn into full-blown network outages. Across industries, BigPanda has attracted dozens of customers including Nike and United Airlines.


  创始人:Assaf Resnick (CEO), Elik Eizenberg


  估值:1.35亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  没有什么比网站或应用程序宕机更能激怒用户的事了。为了简化和防止这样的灾难,红杉资本前CEO Assaf Resnick与软件开发者Elik Eizenberg联合推出了BigPanda。Resnick担任这家历时8年的公司的首席执行官和首席技术官,该公司利用人工智能和机器学习技术,在IT问题演变为全网中断之前,实时减少这些隐患。在各行各业,BigPanda已经引起了包括耐克和联合航空在内的数十家客户的注意。

  35 | Insitro

  Headquarters: South San Francisco

  Founders: Daphne Koller (CEO)

  Funding: $100 million

  Valuation: $135 million, via Pitchbook

  Insitro aims to improve the drug discovery process. Founded by machine-learning veteran Daphne Koller, it creates in vitro models of human disease in its automated laboratory and then applies machine-learning models to predict possible effective therapies. It recently announced a partnership with drug maker Gilead Sciences, worth up to $1 billion, to help it find a treatment for a form of liver disease called nonalcoholic steatohepatis, or NASH.


  创始人:Daphne Koller (CEO)


  估值:1.35亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Insitro旨在改进药物研发进程。该公司由机器学习领域的资深人士Daphne Koller创立,在其自动化实验室中创建了人类疾病的体外模型,然后应用机器学习模型来预测可能的有效疗法。该公司最近宣布与药物制造商Gilead Sciences合作,斥资10亿美元,以找到一种叫做非酒精性脂肪肝炎(NASH)病的治疗方法。

  34 | Blue Hexagon

  Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

  Founders: Nayeem Islam (CEO), Saumitra Das

  Funding: $31 million

  Valuation: $143.9 million, via PitchBook

  Blue Hexagon, led by longtime Qualcomm executive Nayeem Islam, spent more than a year and a half building a deep learning system to analyze network traffic that it says can detect and block threats in under a second. Islam says that when potential customers try the software, it can be “startling” how many more potential attacks it flags, which he attributes to its ability to predict how attackers will adapt their malware. “[Finding] the mutation of a threat is what AI does incredibly well,” he says. “Our detection rate for the last year has consistently been over 99%.”

  总部: 森尼维耳市,加州

  创始人:Nayeem Islam (CEO),Saumitra Das


  估值:1.439亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Blue Hexagon在高通公司(Qualcomm)高管Nayeem Islam的领导下,花了一年半多的时间建立了一个深度学习系统来分析网络流量。该公司表示,这个系统可以在不到一秒的时间内检测并阻止网络威胁。Islam表示,当潜在客户试用该软件时,它标记出的潜在攻击数量可能会“令人瞠目”,因为它能够预测攻击者如何控制恶意软件,“发现威胁的突变是人工智能的优秀之处,我们去年的检测率一直在99%以上。”

  33 | Tamr

  Headquarters: Cambridge, MA

  Founders: Andy Palmer (CEO), Ihab Ilyas, Mike Stonebraker

  Funding: $73.5 million

  Valuation: $155 million, via Pitchbook

  Data management company Tamr was born out of an MIT research project to apply machine learning to clean and organize so-called dirty data that’s incomplete or inconsistent. Andy Palmer was running data engineering at pharmaceutical company Novartis when MIT’s system was brought in to organize a decade’s worth of biological assay information spread across more than 15,000 tables. The technology worked so well that he and two of the researchers decided to start a company around it. “The only way to curate thousands of tabular data sources that are constantly changing is using an artful combination of machine learning and human expertise,” says Palmer, who is now CEO. In practice, that means that Tamr’s system automatically identifies sources of data across a company that could be useful together and then tags in an employee to instruct the software how to integrate it. The company sells its service to customers like Toyota, GSK and GE, which it says saved over $80 million using Tamr.


  创始人:Andy Palmer (CEO), Ihab Ilyas, Mike Stonebraker


  估值:1.55亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  欧洲盘管理公司Tamr诞生于麻省理工学院的一个研究项目,该项目旨在应用机器学习来清理和组织所谓“不完整”、“不一致”的脏欧洲盘。Andy Palmer在制药公司Novartis负责欧洲盘工程时,引入了麻省理工学院(MIT)的系统,用于整理过去10年里分布在逾1.5万个表格上的生物分析信息。这项技术效果非常好,因此他和两位研究人员决定以此创办一家公司,Tamr的CEOPalmer表示:“管理成千上万个不断变化的表格式欧洲盘源,唯一的方法是巧妙地将机器学习和人类的专业技能结合起来。”在实践中,意味着Tamr的系统会自动识别整个公司中可能有用的欧洲盘源,然后在员工身上加上标签,指导软件如何集成这些欧洲盘源。目前,该公司向丰田(Toyota)、葛兰素史克(GSK)和通用电气(GE)等客户销售这项服务。

  32 | Socure

  Headquarters: New York City

  Founders: Johnny Ayers, Sunil Madhu (no longer active employee) - (CEO: Tom Thimot)

  Funding: $60 million

  Valuation: $175 million, via Pitchbook

  Socure aims to wipe out identity fraud. It evaluates data from hundreds of online and offline data sources including credit bureaus, carrier phone records, IP addresses, social networks and more, to monitor for any suspicious behavior. The company says that customers see reductions in fraud rate and manual review costs by 80% to 90%.


  创始人:Johnny Ayers, Sunil Madhu (非当前员工) (CEO: Tom Thimot)


  估值:1.75亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)


  31 | Bossa Nova Robotics

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Sarjoun Skaff, Martin Hitch (CEO: Bruce McWilliams)

  Funding: $76.57 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $179 million, via Pitchbook

  If you find yourself in a Walmart, keep your eyes peeled for a big, slow-moving robot gliding up and down the aisles. It’s the brainchild of robotics startup Bossa Nova and is rolling out to 350 stores around the country to help keep shelves well stocked. Its system reads price labels for discrepancies and finds gaps on shelves so it can alert workers about any problems. Chief technology officer Sarjoun Skaff says it has taken iteration after iteration since 2013 to figure out how to let its robots maneuver safely around shoppers and interpret billions of images in a way that was accurate, timely and reliable.


  创始人:Sarjoun Skaff, Martin Hitch (CEO: Bruce McWilliams)

  资金:7657万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:1.79亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  如果你发现自己身处沃尔玛超市,一定要睁大眼睛,看看是不是有一个缓慢移动的大型机器人在过道里走来走去,这是机器人初创公司Bossa Nova的创意。目前该机器人产品正在全美范围内的350家门店中推广,以保证货超市架上的货品充足。该公司的系统会读取价格标签上的差异,并找出货架上的缺口,以便在出现任何问题时提醒工作人员。公司的首席技术官Sarjoun Skaff表示,自2013年以来,公司一次又一次地研究如何让机器人在购物者周围安全移动,并以准确、及时和可靠的方式解读数十亿张图像。

  30 | Pymetrics

  Headquarters: New York City

  Founders: Frida Polli (CEO)

  Funding: $56.6 million

  Valuation: $190 million, via Pitchbook

  Online recruiting platform Pymetrics helps companies find the right hires by looking beyond experiences and skills on a résumé. Its more than 80 enterprise customers, including LinkedIn, Accenture, MasterCard and Unilever have current, top-performing employees complete the platform’s set of assessments. Pymetrics gleans key emotional and cognitive traits for different roles so when job seekers apply to work at one of those companies and complete the challenges themselves, they’re paired with jobs that are the best fit. Companies can also use the platform for internal career development. “It makes the process more efficient with better outcomes and increases diversity tremendously,” says CEO and neuropsychology Ph.D. Frida Polli. Pymetrics open-sources its algorithm auditing tool, aimed at preventing its systems from reinforcing gender or ethnic bias.


  创始人: Frida Polli (CEO)


  估值:1.9亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  在线招聘平台Pymetrics通过从简历中筛选经验和技能都符合条件的人才,帮助企业找到合适的员工。该公司已有的80多家企业客户,包括领英(LinkedIn)、埃森哲(Accenture)、万事达(MasterCard)和联合利华(Unilever)等,目前入职这些公司且表现最佳的员工都对该平台进行了一系列评估。Pymetrics为不同的职位收集了关键的情感和认知特征,因此当求职者申请其中一家公司并自己完成挑战时,他们会选择最适合自己的工作,公司也可以利用这个平台进行内部的职业发展规划。首席执行官兼神经心理学博士Frida Polli说:“Pymetrics能够使整个应聘过程更有效率,结果更佳,且极大地增加了员工的多样性。”此外,Pymetrics还公开了算法审计工具的源代码,以防止其系统加强性别或种族偏见。

  29 | K Health

  Headquarters: New York City

  Founders: Allon Bloch (CEO), Ran Shaul, Adam Singolda

  Funding: $56 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $200 million, via Pitchbook

  K Health doesn’t think that everyday health concerns need to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office. “K was built by technologists and doctors because we felt frustrated with the ability to access relevant, personalized and affordable healthcare,” says cofounder and CEO Allon Bloch. The company’s consumer app draws on a data set of more than 2 billion anonymized medical records, finding subtle patterns in the data to give users personalized health advice. In July, K announced a partnership with insurance provider Anthem to let members see how doctors diagnose and treat similar people with similar symptoms for free (though they’ll be charged to chat with an actual doctor).


  创始人:Allon Bloch (CEO), Ran Shaul, Adam Singolda

  资金:5600万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:2亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  K Health主张日常健康问题没有必要麻烦医生。“K Health是由技术专家和医生共同建立的,因为我们对获得相关的、个性化的和可负担的医疗保健服务感到沮丧”,联合创始人兼首席执行官Allon Bloch说。该公司的App系统通过利用一个超20亿份匿名医疗记录的欧洲盘集,能够为用户提供个性化的健康建议。今年7月,K Health宣布与保险公司Anthem合作,让会员免费了解医生如何诊断和治疗有相似症状的患者,但在医患交流环节需要支付费用。

  28 | Moveworks

  Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

  Founders: Bhavin Shah (CEO), Vaibhav Nivargi, Varun Singh, Jiang Chen

  Funding: $30 million

  Valuation: $200 million+

  Moveworks wants to end the frustration of waiting around for corporate IT help–its natural language understanding engine can solve 25% to 35% of all employee IT issues autonomously. For example, if a worker sends a frantic message like, “Sorry, I was biking to work and dropped my laptop accidentally, and it won’t turn on now. What should I do?? Please help!” the system can both understand the problem and send the right form for a loaner laptop. Moveworks has a “deep, semantic understanding of the kinds of problems employees experience and how they express them,” CEO Bhavin Shah says. Big customers like Autodesk, Western Digital and Nutanix are on board.


  创始人:Bhavin Shah (CEO), Vaibhav Nivargi, Varun Singh,Jiang Chen



  Moveworks希望终结等待企业IT部门给予帮助的望眼欲穿——它的自然语言理解引擎可以解决25%到35%IT人员的问题。例如,一个员工火急火燎地发了一条信息:“对不起,我骑自行车上班路上把笔记本电脑摔了,现在它打不开。我该怎么办?求助!”这时,该系统既能理解这个问题,又能为外借的笔记本电脑发送正确的表格。Moveworks的首席执行官Bhavin Shah说:“Moveworks对员工所经历的各种问题以及他们如何表达这些问题有着深刻的语义理解。”目前,该公司已拥有像Autodesk、Western Digital和Nutanix等大客户加入。

  27 | Rev.com

  Headquarters: Austin, TX

  Founder: Jason Chicola (CEO), David Abrameto, Mark Chen, Paul Huck, Dan Kokotov.

  Funding: $31 million

  Valuation: $206 million

  In June, transcription service Rev.com said that its tests show that its word error rate on podcast transcriptions was lower than what Google, Amazon or Microsoft’s tools produced. While developers can buy access to that completely automated speech recognition engine, its network of freelance transcribers also use it to make their client work easier and faster. CEO Jason Chicola says this hybrid approach leads to higher- quality, cheaper transcriptions. “Language is incredibly complex—think accents, mumbling, arcane terminology, bad microphones, background noise,” says Chicola. “Humans are far, far better at making judgment calls for these real-world factors.”


  创始人:Jason Chicola (CEO), David Abrameto,Mark Chen,Paul Huck,Dan Kokotov



  今年6月,音译服务网站Rev.com表示,其测试显示,播客转录的错误率低于谷歌、亚马逊(Amazon)或微软(Microsoft)的工具。虽然开发人员可以购买完全自动化的语音识别引擎,但他们的自由转录网络也能帮助客户提高工作效率。Rev.com的首席执行官Jason Chicola表示,这种混合方法带来了更高质量、更便宜的转录服务。Chicola说:“语言是非常复杂的——想想口音、喃喃自语、晦涩难懂的术语、糟糕的麦克风、背景噪音……人类在对这些真实世界的因素做出判断方面要远胜一筹。”

  26 | Noodle.ai

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Stephen Pratt (CEO), Raj Joshi, Martha McGaw, Ted Gaubert, Matt Denesuk

  Funding: $51 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $210 million, via Pitchbook

  Stephen Pratt first saw machine learning in action while working as a consultant on a Department of Defense project in the early 1990s. Computers were too slow and data too expensive to make AI practical at the time, but roughly three decades later, Pratt teamed up with investment firm TPG to help it identify a data analytics company to buy or invest in. After a yearlong search he couldn’t find the right fit and joined IBM Watson, but only stayed for eight months before deciding to build something new with TPG’s backing. Pratt gathered a handful of industry vets as his cofounders and Noodle.ai launched on Pi Day 2016 (3.14.16). The startup charges a one-time fee to create AI software for industrial and transportation companies, with a monthly hosting fee on top. It’s booked $50 million in total contract value from the likes of XoJet and Big River Steel.


  创始人:Stephen Pratt (CEO), Raj Joshi, Martha McGaw,Ted Gaubert, Matt Denesuk

  资金:5100万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:2.1亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  上世纪90年代初,Stephen Pratt在担任美国国防部的项目顾问时,首次看到了机器学习的实际应用。当时电脑太慢,欧洲盘又太贵,人工智能还无法实现,但大约30年后,Prat与投资公司TPG合作,帮助对方确定一家可购买或可投资的欧洲盘分析公司。经过一年的寻觅,他没有找到合适的选择,于是加入了IBM Watson,仅呆了八个月,就决定在TPG的支持下开发新产品。Prat召集了一些业内资深人士作为他的联合创始人,并于2016年圆周率日(3.14)推出了Noodle.ai,这家初创公司为工业和运输公司开发人工智能软件收取一次性费用,外加每月额外的托管费用。它从XoJet和Big River Steel等公司获得了总价值5000万美元的合同。

  25 | Kodiak Robotics

  Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

  Founders: Don Burnette (CEO), Paz Eshel

  Funding: $40 million

  Valuation: $210 million, via Pitchbook

  The red-hot autonomous trucking space is full of well-funded competition, but that inherent risk isn’t deterring Kodiak Robotics cofounders Don Burnette and Paz Eshel (the two met on a sky-diving trip, after all). The idea is that autonomously driving cargo-laden trucks down a highway could be a nearer-term and even more attractive commercial opportunity than passenger vehicles. Kodiak recently started shipping household goods in between Dallas and Houston, Texas, but said that it can’t name clients just yet. Ultimately, it plans to build its own comprehensive logistics business instead of selling its technology to other carriers.


  创始人:Don Burnette (CEO), Paz Eshel


  估值:2.1亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  炙手可热的自动货运领域充满了来自资金方面的竞争,但这种固有风险并没有阻止Kodiak Robotics的联合创始人Don Burnette和Paz Eshel。他们在一次跳伞旅行中认识了彼此,并且想法一致:高速路上满载货物的自动驾驶卡车,可能是一个比乘用车更容易、甚至更有吸引力的商业机会。Kodiak Robotics最近开始在德州的达拉斯市和休斯顿市之间运送家居品,但该公司表示,目前还不能透露客户的信息。最终,他们计划建立自己的综合物流业务,而非把技术卖给其他运营商。

  24 | ClimaCell

  Headquarters: Boston

  Founders: Shimon Elkabetz (CEO), Rei Goffer, Itai Zlotnik

  Funding: $80 million

  Valuation: $217 million, via Pitchbook

  ClimaCell’s cofounders all had what CEO Shimon Elkabetz describes as “life-threatening experiences due to poor weather forecasts” while serving in the Israeli military, inspiring them to try to find a way to make predictions more accurate. The company uses vast quantities of nontraditional data—like signals from cellphones, internet-of-things devices and street cameras—to issue hyperlocal “street-by-street, minute-by-minute” weather forecasts. More than 150 corporate customers, including JetBlue, the New England Patriots and ride-sharing service Via, are shelling out for its real-time predictions.


  创始人:Shimon Elkabetz (CEO), Rei Goffer, Itai Zlotnik


  估值:2.17亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  ClimaCell的联合创始人Shimon Elkabetz(CEO) 在以色列军队服役时经历了“由于天气误报而差点丧命”的经历,这激励他和其他创始人积极投身于精准天气预报的事业。ClimaCell利用大量非传统欧洲盘——如手机、物联网设备和街景相机发出的信号来发布超本地化的“逐街逐分钟”天气预报。目前,包括捷蓝航空(JetBlue)、新英格兰爱国者航空(New England Patriots)和Via拼车等在内的150多家企业客户正在为ClimaCell的实时天气预测系统买单。

  23 | AEye

  Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA

  Founders: Luis Dussan (CEO), Ransom Wuller, Jordan Greene, Barry Behnken

  Funding: $65 million

  Valuation: $220 million, via Pitchbook

  AEye wants to improve the “eyes” of autonomous cars, robots and drones by combining laser lidar— which stands for “light detection and ranging”—with a high-definition camera. That integrated system can increase the speed and decrease the power consumption of a self-driving car’s perception system, says CEO Luis Dussan, who worked at Northrop Grumman and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab before founding the company.


  创始人: Luis Dussan (CEO), Ransom Wuller,Jordan Greene,Barry Behnken


  估值:2.2亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  AEye希望通过将激光雷达与高清晰度摄像机相结合,来改善自动驾驶汽车、机器人和无人机的“看”的功能。该集成系统可以提高速度,降低自动驾驶汽车感知系统的功耗,首席执行官Luis Dussan表示,他在公司成立之前曾在Northrop Grumman和美国宇航局(NASA)的喷气推进实验室工作。

  22 | Brain Corp.

  Headquarters: San Diego

  Founders: Eugene Izhikevich (CEO), Allen Gruber

  Funding: $125 million

  Valuation: $240 million via Pitchbook

  Brain Corp. aims to upgrade dumb machinery with robotic software. It’s tackling the world of floor-cleaning equipment first, partnering with manufacturers to make their machines better at avoiding obstacles in busy environments. Walmart announced earlier this year that nearly 2,000 stores will be humming with BrainOS-powered cleaners by the end of 2019. “I have always dreamed of building artificial brains,” says neurobiology researcher and CEO Eugene Izhikevich. “Starting Brain Corp. gave me this opportunity.”


  创始人:Eugene Izhikevich (CEO),Allen Gruber


  估值:2.4亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Brain公司的目标是用机器人软件升级无声的机器。首先,他们需要解决地板清洁设备的问题,和制造商达成合作,让他们的机器能在复杂的环境中更好地避开障碍物。沃尔玛今年早些时候曾宣布,到2019年年底,将有近2000家分店安装智能吸尘器。神经生物学研究员兼首席执行官Eugene Izhikevich表示:“我一直梦想着建造人工大脑,创业大脑公司给了我这个机会。”

  21 | Domino Data Lab

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Nick Elprin (CEO)

  Funding: $80.6 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $260 million, via Pitchbook

  Domino Data Lab’s software-as-a-service platform provides data scientists with the “picks and shovels” they need to build, test and run their own AI models. CEO Elprin describes its as a sort of GitHub for experts and its 70-plus client lists include big enterprises and startups alike, including Allstate, Instacart, Dell, Gap and FabFitFun.


  创始人:Nick Elprin (CEO)

  资金:8060万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:2.6亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Domino Data Lab的软件即服务平台为欧洲盘科学家提供了构建、测试和运行自有AI模型所需的“工具”。首席执行官Elprin将其描述为一种面向专家的GitHub。现阶段,该公司的客户已有70多家,包括好事达(Allstate)、Instacart、戴尔(Dell)、Gap和FabFitFun在内的大型企业和创企。

  20 | Matterport

  Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

  Founders: Matt Bell, David Gausebeck, Michael Beebe (no longer active employee) - (CEO: RJ Pittman)

  Funding: $115 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $355 million, via Pitchbook

  Matterport makes hardware and software for creating realistic 3D models. Its image processing technology, called Cortex, works with its own 3D camera, as well as a selection of cheaper 360-degree cameras, to let users create virtual versions of their space. The company’s leaning into the real estate market, showcasing how agents can use it to give 3D tours.


  创始人:Matt Bell,David Gausebeck,Michael Beebe (非现任职) , (CEO:RJ Pittman)

  资金:1.15亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:3.55亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)


  19 | PathAI

  Headquarters: Boston

  Founders: Andy Beck (CEO), Aditya Kholsa

  Funding: $75 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $375 million, via Pitchbook

  Andy Beck was rising up the ranks of the Harvard Medical School faculty when he quit to cofound PathAI with Aditya Khosla. Beck, who spent more than five years as a pathologist at Harvard, wants to make it easier for other pathologists to diagnose diseases like cancer by using machine learning to more quickly and accurately analyze images of cells. For the time being, its tools are used not so much by doctors as they are by researchers at pharmaceutical companies. The Boston-based startup boasts a client list of the world’s largest pharma giants, such as Novartis, Gilead Sciences and Bristol-Myers Squibb.


  创始人: Andy Beck (CEO), Aditya Kholsa

  资金:7500万美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:3.75亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Andy Beck曾在在哈佛医学院任职,在他如日中天的时候毅然辞职与Aditya Khosla共同创办了 PathAI。Beck曾在哈佛大学当了五年多的病理学家,他希望通过机器学习来更快、更准确地分析细胞图像,从而使其他病理学家能更容易地诊断癌症等疾病,与其说它的工具是被医生使用,不如说是被制药公司的研究人员使用。这家总部位于波士顿的初创公司目前拥有一份全球最大制药巨头的客户名单,如诺华(Novartis)、吉利德科学(Gilead Sciences)和百时美施贵宝(Bristol-Myers Squibb)。

  18 | People.ai

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founder: Oleg Rogynskyy (CEO)

  Funding: $100 million

  Valuation: $500 million, via Pitchbook

  People.ai CEO Oleg Rogynskyy says he’ll never forget the moment he realized how much time salespeople spend doing nonsales things. At the time, he was an early employee at a company called Nstein Technologies. “The COO of Nstein grounded the whole sales team for a week in a sweaty, windowless conference room to go and clean up our Salesforce,” Rogynskyy recalls. That week inspired him to address “bad” customer relationship management data head-on, he says. In 2016, Rogynskyy founded People.ai, which integrates into CRM systems like Salesforce and automatically inputs relevant data from email, calendars, Slack chats and more, and advises salespeople on the “best” tasks to focus on. VMware, Zoom, New Relic and Lyft are all customers.


  创始人:Oleg Rogynskyy (CEO)


  估值:5亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  People.ai 的首席执行官 Oleg Rogynskyy 表示,他永远也忘不了做销售的时候花了大量时间在做非销售的事情。当时,他还是Nstein Technologies公司的早期员工。“Nstein的首席运营官让整个销售团队在一间满是汗臭、没有窗户的会议室里呆了一个星期去清理我们的销售队伍,”Rogynskyy回忆道。他说那一周的情况促使他直面“糟糕的”客户关系管理欧洲盘。2016年,Rogynskyy创立了People,它可集成到Salesforce等CRM系统中,自动输入来自电子邮件、日历、Slack聊天记录等相关欧洲盘,并为销售人员提供最佳任务建议。目前,VMware、Zoom、New Relic和Lyft都是他们的客户。

  17 | Standard Cognition

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Jordan Fisher (CEO), Michael Suswal, David Valdman, John Novack, Brandon Ogle, Dan Fischetti, TJ Lutz

  Funding: $86 million

  Valuation: $535 million

  Goodbye, cashiers. Hello, cameras. Standard Cognition is working on an autonomous checkout system where shoppers can wander through a store, picking out goods and pay without scanning their items or interacting with an employee. Its overhead cameras track individuals and items continuously (notably, its so-called entity cohesion doesn’t rely on facial recognition, which it says gives shoppers more privacy). “We have essentially created autonomous checkout for everyone who is not Amazon,” the company says. Standard Cognition has opened a pop-up in San Francisco to show off its tech and says that it’s in “shadow mode” testing in several stores in North America.


  创始人:Jordan Fisher (CEO), Michael Suswal, David Valdman,John Novack,Brandon Ogle, Dan Fischetti,TJ Lutz



  再见,收银员。你好,摄像头。Standard Cognition正在开发一种自动结账系统,购物者可以在店内闲逛,挑选商品并付款,无需扫描商品或与店员互动。其头顶上的摄像头持续跟踪消费者和货物,值得注意的是,摄像头并不依赖于面部识别,能给消费者带来更多隐私保障。该公司表示:“我们基本上为所有非亚马逊用户创建了自动结账功能。”Standard Cognition还在旧金山开了一家快闪店来展示它的技术,并表示他们正在北美的几家商店进行“影子模式”测试。

  16 | Verkada

  Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

  Founders: Filip Kaliszan (CEO), Hans Robertson, James Ren, Benjamin Bercovitz

  Funding: $59 million

  Valuation: $540 million

  Verkada has only been selling its products for two years, but it has already boomed to a $540 million valuation and more than 1,200 customers. A lineup of cloud-connected security cameras equipped with AI-driven features like object and movement detection has driven growth at Verkada, whose cofounders are three Stanford computer science graduates and the cofounder of enterprise cloud company Meraki, which sold to Cisco for more than $1 billion. Among the company’s wide-ranging list of clients are fitness club Equinox, the $1.1 billion Vancouver Mall and more than 500 school districts, which use the cameras for anything from monitoring student safety to tracking food deliveries. It earned a spot on Forbes’ list of Next Billion-Dollar Startups earlier this year.


  创始人:Filip Kaliszan (CEO), Hans Robertson, James Ren, Benjamin Bercovitz




  15 | Feedzai

  Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

  Founders: Nuno Sebastiao (CEO), Pedro Bizarro, Paulo Marques

  Funding: $82 million

  Valuation: $575 million

  Since Feedzai launched back in 2011 to fight fraud and money laundering, many more competitors have started touting how their own tools move beyond rules-based systems to machine learning, too. CEO Nuno Sebastiao says the company has adapted to the new hoards by automating its model building and rolling out new visual analysis tools. He highlights major customers including Citi Bank and Lloyds Banking Group in the United Kingdom as proof of its product’s traction.


  创始人:Nuno Sebastiao (CEO),Pedro Bizarro,Paulo Marques



  2011年,Feedzai推出了以打击欺诈和反洗钱服务,后来越来越多的竞争对手也开始销售相关的机器学习工具。公司的首席执行官Nuno Sebastiao表示,公司公司已通过自动化模型,构建和推出了新的视觉分析工具,并已适应了新的存储库。他强调,包括花旗银行(Citi Bank)和劳埃德银行集团(Lloyds Banking Group)在内的英国主要客户成功证明了其产品的吸引力。

  14 | SentinelOne

  Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

  Founders: Tomer Weingarten (CEO) and Almog Cohen

  Funding: $230 million

  Valuation: $600 million, via Pitchbook

  SentinelOne CEO Tomer Weingarten says he and his cofounder started the company in 2013 because antivirus software at the time was “some flavor of bad, incomplete, ineffective, and /or painful to deploy and operate.” They spent the past six years figuring out how to make endpoint security (which focuses on data coming from laptops, phones, and other network-connected devices) smarter, training machine learning models to detect malware in files and running in applications. The company has over 2,500 customers, including Estee Lauder and Autodesk, and it says it’s on the verge of announcing a major partnership with one of the largest PC makers to offer SentinelOne tech on its enterprise devices.


  创始人:Tomer Weingarten (CEO) , Almog Cohen


  估值:6亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  2013年,市场上的杀毒软件尚且不完整,或是有着无效或难以部署的等缺陷,因此Tomer Weingarten与联合创始人创办了SentinelOne。他们花了六年的时间研究如何让终端安全变得更智能,诸如笔记本电脑、手机和其他联网设备的欧洲盘等,他们训练机器学习模型来检测文件和应用程序中的恶意软件。目前,该公司已拥有包括雅诗兰黛(Estee Lauder)和欧特克(Autodesk)在内的2500多家客户。SentinelOne方表示,即将宣布与全球最大的PC制造商之一结成重大合作伙伴关系,为他们提供SentinelOne的技术。

  13 | Bright Machines

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founder: Amar Hanspal (CEO), Tzahi Rodrig, Lior Susan

  Funding: $200 million

  Valuation: $679 million, via Pitchbook

  While factories have become increasingly automated over recent decades, Bright Machines believes that robotic systems are finally ready for primetime deployment. “Until now, the most complex operations in manufacturing have been too difficult for blind and dumb robots to perform with the same precision and fidelity as humans,” says CEO Amar Hanspal, adding that advances in computer vision and machine learning have changed the game. The company just released its first product in June: So-called “microfactories,” or closed systems with robotic arms that can complete tasks like inserting chips in a circuit board.


  创始人:Amar Hanspal (CEO), Tzahi Rodrig, Lior Susan


  估值:6.79亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  尽管近几十年来,工厂的自动化程度越来越高,但Bright Machines依然相信,机器人系统终于为黄金时段的部署做好了准备。该公司首席执行官Amar Hanspal表示:“到目前为止,制造行业最复杂的操作对于又盲又哑的机器人来说都太难了,它们无法像人类一样精准地执行任务。”他还补充称,计算机视觉和机器学习方面的进步,已经改变了这一“游戏规则”。今年6月,该公司刚刚发布了它的第一款产品,名为“微型工厂”,它是一个带有机械臂的封闭式系统,可以完成将芯片插入电路板等任务。

  12 | Upstart

  Headquarters: San Carlos, CA

  Founders: Dave Girouard (CEO), Anna M. Counselman, Paul Gu

  Funding: $164 million

  Valuation: $750 million, via Pitchbook

  Upstart CEO Dave Girouard admits that most of the early team of former Google employees had no history in financial services when they came up with the idea to apply advanced data science to the credit process in 2012: Only the belief that the current system was antiquated and exclusionary. By using data not typically found in a person’s credit history to find more nuanced risk patterns, Girouard says Upstart’s lending model has higher approval rates and lower interest rates than traditional methods, with loss rates that are “less than half” of those of peer platforms. To-date, more than 300,000 individual borrowers have used Upstart to get a loan.


  创始人:Dave Girouard (CEO), Anna M. Counselman, Paul Gu


  估值:7.5亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Upstart首席执行官Dave Girouard表示,2012年,当谷歌前员工提出将前沿的欧洲盘科学应用于信贷流程的想法时,他们中的大多数人都没有金融服务方面的经验,认为当前的系统已经过时,且具有排他性。Girouard 表示,通过使用个人信用历史中不常见的欧洲盘,来寻找更细微的风险模式,使得Upstart的贷款模式比传统方法有更高的批准率、更低的利率,并且损失率不到同行平台的一半。迄今为止,已有30多万个借款人通过Upstart获得贷款。

  11 | Fundbox

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Eyal Shinar (CEO), Tomer Michaeli, Yuval Ariav

  Funding: $140 million

  Valuation: $750 million

  Fundbox has a data-driven take on lending that facilitates loans to small businesses rather than regular people. Founder Eyal Shinar says that seeing his mother, who ran a staffing agency, struggle with cash flow inspired the idea of advancing customers for outstanding invoices. A company that wants a loan through Fundbox connects their existing finance tools to its platform, which then uses these data streams to assess risk and either approve the loan or not. Shinar says that process can take as little as three minutes.


  创始人:Eyal Shinar (CEO), Tomer Michaeli, Yuval Ariav



  Fundbox采用欧洲盘驱动的方式帮助小企业而非普通人获得贷款。公司创始人Eyal Shinar表示,他的母亲经营着一家劳务中介公司,看到母亲在现金流方面举步维艰,于是他萌生了一个想法:让客户提前拿到未付的发票。具体操作是,若有企业想要通过Fundbox获得贷款时,只要将他们现有的金融工具与平台连接起来,随后平台会使用这些欧洲盘流评估风险,并决定是否批准,而这个过程可能只需要三分钟。

  10 | Anduril Industries

  Headquarters: Irvine, CA

  Founders: Palmer Luckey, Brian Schimpf (CEO), Trae Stephens, Matt Grimm, Joe Chen

  Funding: $180 million

  Valuation: Just under $1 billion

  Former Oculus cofounder Palmer Luckey is back after his dramatic exit from Facebook (he has hinted that the company fired him from the virtual reality unit for his political views, which it denies) with a defense technology startup called Anduril Industries, founded in 2017. The company makes a threat-detection system, using data from sensors mounted on towers, drones, and vehicles to create a real-time, 3D model of an area. It has contracts with the Marine Corps and UK’s Royal Navy, as well as with Customs and Border Protection for what has been described as a controversial “virtual border wall.” Following a report that it became a unicorn after a recent fundraise, the company confirmed to Forbes that it now has $180 million in total funding and a near-billion valuation.


  创始人:Palmer Luckey,Brian Schimpf (CEO), Trae Stephens,Matt Grimm,Joe Chen



  Oculus前联合创始人Palmer Luckey曾因政治观点被Facebook从VR部门戏剧性地解雇,并在2017年创办了一家名为Anduril Industries的国防科技初创公司。该公司开发了一个威胁检测系统,通过利用在塔、无人机和车辆上的传感器欧洲盘,来创建一个事实的3D区域模型。公司与美国海军陆战队(Marine Corps)和英国皇家海军(Royal Navy)签订了合同,还与海关和边境保护局(Customs and Border Protection)签署了一项所谓的“虚拟边境墙”的合同。在最近的一次融资之后,有报道称它已经成为了一家独角兽企业。随后, Anduril Industries向《福布斯》(Forbes)证实,它目前的总融资金额为1.8亿美元,估值接近10亿美元。

  9 | Scale AI

  Headquarters: San Francisco

  Founders: Alexandr Wang (CEO)

  Funding: $122 million

  Valuation: $1 billion

  Alexandr Wang’s data labeling startup Scale AI has gained so much attention from customers — particularly autonomous transportation companies, which need gobs of well-labeled data to train their systems — that he’s running a unicorn company before his 23rd birthday. Scale works with tens of thousands of contractors and though Wang says that the company uses machine learning to help improve the accuracy of its labeling, those humans are core to its mission. “ML is very much garbage-in garbage out, so we focused on quality from day one,” he says.


  创始人:Alexandr Wang (CEO)



  Scale AI是一家欧洲盘标注领域的创企,且获得了客户们的极大关注,尤其是自动运输公司,它们需要大量标记好的欧洲盘来训练算法系统。以至于创始人Alexandr Wang在23岁以前就开始独立运营一家独角兽公司。目前,Scale AI已与几千家承包商合作,尽管Wang说其公司使用机器学习来提高标记的准确性,但其实人才是核心。“机器学习会出现良莠不齐的现象,所以我们从第一天起就在关注质量”,他说。

  8 | Hippo Insurance

  Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

  Founders: Assaf Wand (CEO), Eyal Navan

  Funding: $209 million

  Valuation: $1 billion

  Hippo Insurance is one of a handful of companies trying to make the process of applying for home insurance faster and more Millennial-friendly. It pulls public data about a property to automatically answer many of the questions a typical insurer would ask, which means it can quickly dole out quotes, and pulls data from aerial images and smart home sensors to detect issues that could lead to claims in real-time. Hippo sells policies backed by established insurers, rather than underwriting them itself, and takes a commission off each one.


  创始人:Assaf Wand (CEO),Eyal Navan



  Hippo Insurance是一家智能家庭保险公司,是少数几家能让申请家庭保险的程序变得更快捷,并且其客户更加年轻化(千禧一代)的公司之一。公司提取有关房产的公共欧洲盘,自动回答一般保险公司会问的许多问题——这意味着它可以迅速发布报价,并从航拍图像和智能家居传感器中提取欧洲盘,以实时发现可能导致索赔的问题。Hippo出售的保险是由持牌的保险公司发行,而非由自己承保,并从每个保险公司中扣除佣金。

  7 | Icertis

  Headquarters: Seattle

  Founders: Samir Bodas (CEO), Monish Darda

  Funding: $211 million

  Valuation: $1 billion

  Icertis, which celebrated its ten-year anniversary earlier this year, manages nearly 6 million contracts. Its cloud-based platform helps companies analyze past contract negotiations and automate administrative tasks. These offerings have brought on clients from more than 90 countries, including Airbus (France), Daimler (Germany), and Microsoft, the company where CEO Samir Bodas was previously a director.


  创始人:Samir Bodas (CEO), Monish Darda



  Icertis今年早些时候举办了十周年成立庆典。该公司管理着近600万份合同,他们云平台可帮助企业分析过往合同谈判并自动执行管理任务。 这些产品吸引了来自90多个国家的客户,包括空客(法国)、戴姆勒(德国)以及Icertis首席执行官Samir Bodas曾担任总监的微软等。

  6 | DataRobot

  Headquarters: Boston

  Founders: Jeremy Achin (CEO), Tom de Godoy

  Funding: $431 million

  Valuation: $1.2 billion, via Pitchbook

  DataRobot wants to automate as much of a data scientist’s job as possible. The company just raised a new $206 million Series E round of funding as it develops the software that it says has helped customers like United Airlines, PNC Bank, and Deloitte build their own predictive models. The company boasts that users only need “curiosity and data,” and not coding skills, to use its platform to answer business questions with machine learning.


  创始人:Samir Bodas (CEO), Monish Darda


  估值:12亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  DataRobot致力于尽可能多地将欧洲盘科学家的工作自动化。该公司刚刚筹集了新一轮2.06亿美元的E轮融资,用于开发该软件。公司表示,该软件帮助美国联合航空公司(United Airlines)、PNC银行(PNC Bank)和德勤(Deloitte)等客户建立了自己的预测模型。此外,DataRobot还表示,客户只需要准备“好奇心和欧洲盘”,而不需要编码技巧,就可使用其平台通过机器学习实现商业问题的解决方案。

  5 | Dataminr

  Headquarters: New York City

  Founders: Ted Bailey (CEO)

  Funding: $577 million

  Valuation: $1.59 billion, via Pitchbook

  Dataminr ingests public internet data, like social media posts, and uses deep learning, natural language processing, and advanced statistical modeling to send users tailored alerts. The company has more than 500 clients paying its subscription fees, including Amazon, CNN, and The United Nations, which uses the system to find early signs of potential humanitarian crises around the world.


  创始人:Ted Bailey (CEO)


  估值:15.9亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  欧洲盘分析公司Dataminr通过提取像社交媒体帖子那样的公共互联网欧洲盘,使用深度学习、自然语言处理和高级统计建模,来向用户发送定制的订阅内容。目前,该公司拥有500多家付费订阅客户,包括亚马逊(Amazon)、CNN和联合国(United Nations)等,他们利用该系统在世界范围内监测潜在人道主义危机。

  4 | Lemonade

  Headquarters: New York City

  Founders: Daniel Schreiber (CEO), Shai Wininger

  Funding: $480 million

  Valuation: $2.1 billion, via Pitchbook

  Lemonade sells renters and homeowners insurance, though, unlike Hippo, it is actually a licensed policy carrier itself. It uses a chatbot to collect customer information and work through claims — 30% of which apparently don’t require human intervention to be resolved. It now has more than 500,000 customers, the majority of whom are first-time insurance buyers.


  创始人: Daniel Schreiber (CEO),Shai Wininger


  估值:21亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Lemonade的业务主要是出售保险给租房者和房主。但与排名第八的Hippo Insurance不同的是,Lemonade本身就是一个持照的保单运承商。它通过使用聊天机器人收集客户信息并处理索赔业务,其中30%已不需要人工干预来解决。现阶段,该公司现在拥有超过50万客户,其中大多数客户是首次购买保险。

  3 | Uptake

  Headquarters: Chicago

  Founders: Brad Keywell

  Funding: $258 million

  Valuation: $2.3 billion, via Pitchbook

  Uptake CEO Brad Keywell says his company is in the business of making sure things work, “whether it’s the U.S. Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle, or the components that make up Rolls-Royce’s fleet of market-leading engines.” It’s brought in more than 100 industrial customers on its way to a $2.3 billion valuation. With a huge database of machine failures at its disposal, the five-year-old company leverages artificial intelligence to analyze how its customers’ machines can run better and avoid these failures. “There is no more guesswork or operating blindly involved,” says Keywell, who cofounded Groupon before founding Uptake.


  创始人: Brad Keywell


  估值:23亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Uptake的首席执行官Brad Keywell表示,公司的业务是确保一切机器正常运行,“无论是美国陆军的布拉德利战车,还是劳斯莱斯市场一流的引擎部件。”Uptake已经吸引了100多家工业客户,估值达到23亿美元,并且拥有庞大的机器故障欧洲盘库,这家成立5年的公司利用人工智能分析客户的机器以更好运行,并避免故障。

  2 | Aurora Innovation

  Headquarters: Palo Alto

  Founders: Chris Urmson (CEO), Sterling Anderson, Drew Bagnell

  Funding: $696 million, via Pitchbook

  Valuation: $2.57 billion, via Pitchbook

  A trifecta of autonomy and transportation experts from Tesla, Uber, and Google came together to build Aurora, a self-driving car company that plans to sell its system to automakers instead of operating its own fleet (it currently has a deal with Hyundai to provide software for its future Kia models). A recent round of funding from Sequoia Capital, Amazon, and T. Rowe Price makes it one of the best-funded players in an increasingly crowded space.


  创始人:Chris Urmson (CEO),Sterling Anderson,Drew Bagnell

  资金:6.96亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  估值:25.7亿美元(Pitchbook 提供欧洲盘)

  Aurora Innovation是一家自动驾驶汽车公司,他们并不运营任何车辆,而是计划将其自动驾驶系统出售给汽车制造商。目前可以确定的是,它与现代公司已签署协议,为其起亚系新车提供软件系统。最近,来自红杉资本、亚马逊和T. Rowe Price的一轮投资,让该公司在这个日益竞争激烈的市场之中,成为资金最充足的玩家之一。

  1 | Nuro

  Headquarters: Mountain View

  Founders: Jiajun Zhu (CEO), Dave Ferguson

  Funding: $1.03 billion

  Valuation: $2.7 billion

  After working for more than five years each on Google’s self-driving project, Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu were done trying to ferry people around in autonomous vehicles. So, they ditched humans for local goods. Nuro’s driverless delivery vehicles have completed thousands of trips to shoppers through a partnership with Kroger in Texas. Shifting from people to pasta and Poptarts eliminates safety and technical constraints. “You can drive more conservatively because you don’t have someone inside the vehicle that’s getting frustrated,” Ferguson says.


  创始人:Jiajun Zhu (CEO),Dave Ferguson



  Dave Ferguson和朱家俊在为谷歌自动驾驶项目工作超过5年之后,终于完成了用自动驾驶汽车接送乘客的任务,他们放弃了载人,选择了载物(当地的商品)。Nuro的无人驾驶运输车,通过与德克萨斯州克罗格公司(Kroger)的合作,已完成了数千次代购之旅。从载人变为运输意大利面等商品,进一步消除了安全和技术限制。“你可以开得更保守一些,因为车里没有人会因此感到沮丧” ,Ferguson说。





  第一类是人工智能基础工具与服务商,关注人工智能大欧洲盘集、训练工具、机器学习平台的开发,旨在帮助企业快速部署人工智能。例如:聚焦企业预测模型的机器学习平台DataRobot、欧洲盘标记与AI培训欧洲盘服务商Scale AI、企业级欧洲盘科学平台Domino Data Lab、在线录音、录像和文件转录服务商Rev.com、机器学习基础设施服务商Algorithmia等。




  根据CB Insights欧洲盘,健康医疗行业是目前全球人工智能投资最活跃的行业。福布斯的榜单也体现了这一趋势。

  根据榜单,有7家公司来自健康医疗行业。其中,PathAI和Viz.ai均利用人工智能进行医疗诊断技术的开发;Insitro则旨在建立目前最前沿的基于机器学习的新药发现平台;Suki AI基于语音技术,为医生提供数字语音助理工具;Aira专为视障人群开发软硬件技术。



  福布斯列出的相关公司并非全是自动驾驶汽车技术开发商,而是更多涉及特定场景的自动驾驶应用,可以说是对上述趋势的呼应。例如:仓储与零售机器人技术开发商Bossa Nova Robotics、清洁机器人等自动驾驶设备软件系统开发商Brain Corp.、自动驾驶通勤车队技术开发商May Mobility等。






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